Cracking the Interview – Tips for Success

I recently went to Cracking The Interview, a RecWorks Career Hacking event organised via the London Java Community. As one of the six Interviewers talking about our experiences and pet peeves, I was fascinated by some of the differences in techniques, but also the similarities. The top three common dos and don’ts were… Continue reading Cracking the Interview – Tips for Success

Back to Blogging

I started blogging in 2004, shortly after Microsoft released MSN Spaces. Everyone around me had been blogging their lives on LiveJournal for months, I was doing some pretty cool things at work and I felt I had experiences to share. At the time, I also had a reasonably successful side-project compiling a list of Windows Media Centre plugins, so blogging was a natural extension to that. Continue reading Back to Blogging

London to Brighton

Ok, so on Sunday June 20th I’ll be getting up at the ridiculously early time of 4am to get a coach into London and then cycle the 57ish miles from there to Brighton. It’s going to be a long, hard day and all I’m asking form you (the people sat at home doing nothing that day) is to sponsor me a teeny tiny amount of cash which will go towards the British Heart Foundation.
Go on. It’ll be the most exercise I’ve had all year!

Blog Entry

I wanted to write a longer blog entry, but this will have to do…
I just found ("re-discovered") a small supply (quite a large cache) of chocolate in my wardrobe. It seems to include a few things from Christmas 2008 and Easter 2009. All of which went off in either April or June 2009. turns out I don’t eat as much chocolate as I used to.
Still, I’ve got a box of chocolate eclairs, a tube of smarties and 3 toblerones that need eating up before the end of February. I’ll see what I can do…

Random Update

So I’m clearly back form my weekend holiday in Barcelona which was pretty good, but several months later it’ll be a little hard to remember all the details. Plus, since this is the last time I’ll be properly on the web this side of Christmas, I thought I’d do a quick update (the iPhone is very good, but writing blog entries on it takes a lot of perseverance).

I’ve now worked for The AA for about 2 months, having made the decision it was time to move on. I’m having fun again, working on a large B2B project with some good people, and I’m particularly loving working in a building that has it’s own restaurant *and* café. However, being stuck in the snow the other night wasn’t particularly fun.

I’m also off the singles market at the moment, dating the wonderful Beth, who probably won’t appreciate her Christmas present as much as I’ll appreciate mine. I’ll make it up to her at some point.

And I suppose that’s about it. If I’d have been blogging properly over the last few months, then someone could probably have made a feature film out of it.

Have a good Christmas, and in case I’m not back to write it before 2010, have a good New Year as well.

The Friend Zone

Something I came up with in a conversation earlier this evening…

I have a penthouse in the capital city of Friend-land, where everyone gets along. It’s got a fantastic view of the world outside the friend zone, where people are making out with each other and having relationships right in your face. sometimes they broadcast it on TV.

I think about selling the penthouse sometimes, but then I look around and think about what I could be losing, cause on the far side of relationship valley (full of roses and wonderfully starlit evening), I can see the trash-heap of failed romances. 

And the only reason I still think abot it, it because I can also see, in  the far, far distance on top of a hill in the sunny, happy countryside, the house with the nice garden and the kids playing in itm with an old couple sat outside on rocking chairs. And that signifes a relationship gone right.

…It might have been more poetic if I had spell checked it.

The iPhone Developer

Sometimes the BBC posts things that seem to be there to fill space. My latest example of this is a short video of Rory Cellan-Jones meeting Malcolm Barclay, an iPhone developer. And literally all he does is meet him. There are no serious questions, no hard-hitting journalism, and to those of us that check the Technology section on the BBC fairly regularly (although I admit it’s usually the very last place I bother going) common sense. As an added bonus, replace the word "iPhone" with Windows Mobile OS, Linux os, Nokia phones, Xbox 360 or any other application platform you can think of and the same sentence applies. No matter what you’re talking it about…
"It can be reasonably easy to build an application for the iPhone, but getting it noticed is a different business altogether."